About Ms. Krisman

Hello! My name is Tiffany Krisman. I grew up in the Bay Area of Northern California and attended Catholic Schools from Kindergarten through High School. After graduating from high school, I moved down to San Diego to attend San Diego State University in pursuit of a Theatre Arts degree. After joining a freshman program that allowed me to volunteer as a tutor at a local middle school, I realized that my heart was actually in teaching and changed my major. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a focus in Theatre Arts Education and then went on to get my California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and also my Master of Arts in Teaching from SDSU.

After a brief stint substituting in public schools, I realized what was missing for me was the Catholic communities that I associated with elementary education. I found my way into the Diocese and taught for two years at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School teaching a combined 3rd and 4th, and a combined 4th and 5th grade class before moving to St. Rita’s School to teach 5th grade for 4 years, and then teaching Math to 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade.

For the last 4 years I have also been a Diocesan Teacher Liaison, organizing and facilitating professional development for teachers across the diocese as well as leading professional learning communities in the diocese.

As a teacher, my ultimate goal is to instill a love of learning in my students. I try to make education fun and relevant by incorporating more project-based and cooperative group learning assignments and tasks. I create in-depth interdisciplinary lessons that allow practice in multiple subject areas while learning in depth about one particular topic. My classroom is constantly filled with curiosity, conversation, and laughter.