Grade 5 General Classroom Information 2019-2020

Being Prepared: It is important that your child come to school ready to learn. Getting all supplies ready to go the night before will help come morning. Gathering supplies such as signed papers, homework, textbooks, special items, P.E. uniforms, and lunches can be a great responsibility tool at home for your fifth grader.

Morning Arrival: Students are asked to be in the classroombeginning at 7:50 am.This allows them ten minutes to unpack and prepare themselves for theirmorning work. It also allows the class to begin our day promptly at 8:00 am with morning prayers. Any student arriving after the second bell at 8:00 will be tardy and will need to go to the office for a tardy/late slip.

Friday Mass: Every Friday the school gathers to celebratethe Eucharist with 8:00 am morning Mass. Participation in both the weekly mass (5 points), and daily class prayers (5 points) is part of your child’s religion grade in that it reflects the active community involvement and witness of their faith. You will see a ‘Weekly Participation’ grade each week in Religion for your child’s participation. If your child is late to mass or does not participate in daily class prayers, it will affect their religion grade. There is no loss of points for absences. For every three tardies to Friday mass in a quarter, your child’s religion grade will be lowered 1/2 a letter grade. It is also school policy for students to wear regular school uniform (no shorts) to every school mass.

P.E.: Physical Education class is provided every Monday and Wednesday for 45 minutes each. Santa Sophia Academy has a P.E. uniform which counts as participation towards the class. For every three non-suits in a quarter, their P.E. grade will be lowered one letter grade.

Absences: If your child is absent, all homework and assignments will be prepared andgiven to either a sibling, or left in the school office for pick up. Upon returning, please send a note in with your child explaining their absence. For every day absent, your child will have that same amount of time to complete all make up work. Work is not given ahead of time if your child will be gone on vacation. I strongly encourage all parents to consult our school calendar before making any vacation pans during the school year. It is very difficult for students to make up all the work and learning they have missed from school while on vacation.

Tests. Quizzes, Assignments: All dates for these items will be given verbally, written on the homework board, and are written in your child’s personal homework assignment notebook. For long-term projects, dates will be discussed and given ahead of the time they are due. No homework is due on Monday and no tests are given on Monday. All tests will be signed by the parents/guardians. Use the monthly calendar as a guide to upcoming tests and projects. Please read the handout on Daily Expected Homework for more information.

Grading: Grading in fifth grade is based on a point system. Depending on the test, assignment, or project, the appropriate amount of points will be assigned and relayed to your child both verbally and written. Most items given back will contain the amount of points earned out of the total amount of points possible, along with a letter grade and percentage. Please refer to the Santa Sophia Academy Grade Scale handout for information concerning the grade scale and honors criteria for students.

Music and Art: Fifth grade enjoys music and art each week. We are blessed to be taught music by our parish choir director, Mrs. Ballon. She leads the fifth graders along with other students as part of our Santa Sophia Academy choir. Art is taught by Ms. Sipe following the fifth grade curriculum for art, with a focus on the artist Michelangelo.